New Children Books for August

The Treasure Hunt at home  by M.T. Anderson
The Game of the sunken places by M.T Anderson
The Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin  Colfer
Seeking the blue between advice and inspiration for Youth Poets by Paul B.Janeczko
Pig Tales by Frank Vann
They Work Nuclear -Powered Ballistic Millile Subamarine by Frank Vann
Now I get it by Toni Eugene

Dinner with Aleins  by Toni Eugene
Electricity and Magnetism by Toni Eugene
Amazing Animals of Australia by Toni Eugene
Creatures of the woods by Toni Eugene
If you met a Dragon by Lila Perl
It Happended in American by Lila Perl
Even the Sounds of waves Obey Him by Nancy Kenney
Fabels by Arnold Lobel