Special Thanks

The library would like to show their appreciation to the following people for their donation of money, books, videos, games, magazines or other items and for the people that have assisted, participated or  donated items for programs.

Pam Carter
Theresa Hoffman
Jessie Shields
Missy Esfeld
Margie Sheppard
Gail Santy
Maribeth Shafer
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Conyac
Janet Flower-Cochran
Vera Smith
Father Damien Richards
Helen Goff
Rita and Cindy Moritz
Shane Newton
Roberta Bock
Patrick Ross
Jessica Arnoldy
Tanner Bowles
Devin Crawford
Mason Duskie
Caleb Hake
Ringneck Ranch
Anne Reif
Dan Wilkerson
Mark Harding
Corner Drug & Gift
Brenity Fosdick
Bev Remus
Velda Bowman
Dionn Hake
Friends of the Beloit Library
Downs Carnegie Library
Bryan Shoemaker
Kathy Heinze
Rita Schroeder
Moe Dugan
Shanna Duskie
Ray and Loretta Terry
Minnie Wiese
Justin Crawford
Donna Weeks
Barb Lomax
The Corner
Tammy Koch
Steve and Robbin Seymour
Nancy Rothenberg
Ruby Jewell
Kathy Pirotte Heinze
Warren and Jean Inskeep
Dayla Nichols Schmidt
Vern and Helen Shoemaker
Chris and Kathy Ripple
Lottie Herod
Lee Mick
Steve Weber
Renee Green
Nichole Larson
Tammy, Chance and Trinity Hoffman
Kay Jones
Mrs. Judy Haidt
Erma Luckey
Cawker City Senior Center
Kathy Bowles
Aelaina and Analecia Roubedeaux
Bill Stacy
Nancy Hardin
Paul and Lisa LaRoque
Henry and Debby Armknecht
Solomon Valley Cinema
Ryan and Sarah Lynch
Sue Wise
Joan Wagner
Downs Super Foods
Paula Newlin, Lakeside Liquor
Vikki Aramendi
Doug Lowden
Mr. and Mrs. Cruse
Brenda Schultz
Brad Goheen
Marilyn Peterson
Class of 1990
Brenda Newman
Dorothy Beattie
Berta Burda
Cawker City Community Club
B & B Liquor
Dale Wooton
American Legion
Tom & Norma Veasey
Myra Meadows
Gary and Virginia Wilson
Leon Dubbert
Brian Park
Henry and Mary Ann Park
Kevin and Teresa Peterson
Theresa and Eric Baker
Linda Kastrup
Kathy Webster
Krell Family
Father Don McCarthy
Nicholas Koster
Sherry Knouf
Catlin's Friendly Apple Market
Phyllis Thull
Erin Brown
Amy Stanfield
Layne Elmore
Nadine Pirotte
Boyd Hamilton
Farmers & Merchants State Bank
Nancy Rothberg
Wise Construction
Solomon Valley Cinema
D'Meris and Wayne Musgrove
Judy Rodell
Val Redinger
Leona Flavin
Kassidi Krell
Family of Jim Thompson
Family of Kay Thull
Logan Benton
Teresa Cobb
Chris Koster
Jennifer Brown
Lois Schreuder
Ruth Koster family
City of Cawker
Koster's Home Center
Bill and Pam Brummer
Ross and Cher Olson
Kent Koster
Sunflower Manufacturing
The Cut Above
McDonald-Roberts Funeral Service
Frank and Carol Porter
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Johnston
Jean and Marion Brown
Susan Scott
Cassi Walsh, Carter and Reid
Jim & Kathy Hughes
Cunningham Telephone
Katie Koster
Hal and Dottie Roberts
Merlin and Virginia Olberding
Kathy Koster
Cheryl Maus
Alta Stech
Nathan Weeks
Shirley Smith
Majean Schneider
Pearl Stearns
Lois Wise
Chuck and Dolly Barr
Carol Weeks
Tammy Wiles
Mary Bader
Linda Schmidt
Mildred and Dorothy Reling
Betty Kiefer
Jenny Bowles
Howie and Paula Fitzpatrick
Ellie Garten
Cassi S. Farrelly
Family of Martha Koster
Family of Bob Stanley
Beloit-Pizza Hut
Janelle Remus
Eastern Star-Linda Clover
Paula Wendlandt
Agape Shop
Corey Dean
Deon Dean
Simon Lyman
Leona Breeden

A great big Thank You!